Search News

Search news is a browser extension which is easy to install and very simple to use. You can access news in different categories like Sports, Entertainment, Business. The extension opens in a new tab and also in case the user wants to have a quick news check.

The extension has a search bar which allows the user to search and get the results from the search engine.

Background image changes based on the news category

How to use it?

After successfully installing the extension from the chrome store, open a new tab to view the Categorized News headlines are be available.

Click on the news to read details on the source website.

You can use the search bar to search and find anything from the Search Engines.

Can view search result on the same page.

If you want to quickly check the news headlines while browsing, please click on the extension icon and view details without disturbing your browsing window.

Technical details

  1. Uses Clicksedge API hosted in AWS.
  2. Shows news under Sports, Entertainment, Business categories.
  3. Click on the headline, which will take you to the detailed news on the related website.
  4. Search bar to search anything and fetch results from the search engine.
  5. The extension is available in Chrome.