Search Weather

Search Weather is a browser extension which is easy to install and very simple to use.  You can search your area Weather by typing in the place name, pin code and select from the suggestions. The extension opens in a new tab and also in case the user wants to have a quick weather check.

The extension has a search bar which allows the user to search and get the results from the search engine.

Back ground image changes based on the weather.

How to Use ?

After succesfully installing the extension from the chrome store, open a new tab to view the weather in your current location.

You can view 5 day forecast along with current time and date.

You can use the search bar to search and find anything from the Search Engines.

Can view search result on the same page.

If you want to quickly check the weather while browsing, please click on the extension icon and view details without disturbing your browsing window.

Technical details

  1. Uses Open Weather API for weather reports and Google map API for location and places.
  2. Geolocation or custom location by place name or PIN CODE.
  3. Shows temperature in Celsius.
  4. Daily temperature, weather.
  5. Current date and Time.
  6. 5-day forecast.
  7. The extension is available in Chrome.